Northam Flying 50 2-3 April 2011 Entry Forms

General Entry Form (Click Here - Word)
Supplementary Regulations Flying Fifty (
Click Here - PDF)
Supplementary Regulations Motor Khana (
Click Here - PDF)
Supplementary Regulations Mt Ommanney Hillclimb (
Click Here - PDF)
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The Entry Form is a Word Version file that can either by 'opened' directly or saved and opened from your computer.  It is a Wood 2003 document with fields that can be completed by selecting each text box and typing.  Check boxes can be selected by moving the mouse over the box and selecting using the usual left mouse button.
Once the file is downloaded or opened you may be confronted with a security alert (depending on your security settings).  Please do not be alarmed (the file does not contain a virus, or equivalent).  Please allow the active contents for this file by selecting the appropriate button.

If you have problems with the form, please email Shane Wilkes: swilkes@g-r-m.com.au.