2014 Targa City Sprint Entry Forms

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G'day Members,
Please find attached Sup Regs and Entry Form for the 2014 Targa West VSCCWA City Sprints, to be held on Sunday 17th August 2014 running on Victoria Avenue, Riverside Drive and Governor's Avenue central Perth from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The course is the same as last year (with a couple of minor variations). Entry is largely restricted to cars eligible for the CAMS 5th Category, but if you have access to a later, rare or very interesting car, you are welcome to put in an entry for it. Be aware that the entry is restricted to sixty cars which will get a sighting run, a practice and four (or 5 if time permits) timed runs. The objective is not about breaking world speed records, but more about showcasing The Vintage Sports Car Club, its cars and its activities to an audience that we only rarely get the opportunity to access, so the Organizers will attempt to set up fields which best demonstrate the depth and breadth of the Club. If you have any questions please address them to Chairman of the Organising Committee, Craig Bradtke (email: rbradtke@bigpond.net.au). If you've not got a car to run, please consider a role as an Official at this event. If you've not done such a thing before, we have plenty of positions, which require little more than common sense, that will get you started on the CAMS Officialling program.
Ross Oxwell
for the Event Organising Committee