Motor Racing History Project Supported by Lotterywest


 Motor Racing History Project Supported by Lotterywest
A significant slice of Western Australia’s outstanding motor racing history will be
recorded in a project now being undertaken by the Vintage Sports Car Club of WA (Inc.) after receiving a grant from Lotterywest last month. The club is making video recordings of extended interviews with thirty drivers who participated in the sport from the 1930s up to 1968.
Until the 1950s there was no dedicated race circuit in WA but many events were conducted around the streets of country towns, becoming known as ‘Around the Houses’ races. These events were highly popular and unique to WA.
After World War 2, the disused military airfields at Caversham in the Swan Valley became the state’s first dedicated circuit with a great number of races held there until 1968, when the purpose built venue was opened at Wanneroo.
Many significant events were held at the Caversham ‘D’ circuit, including two Australian Grands Prix in years 1957 and 1962, attracting top ranked Australian and international drivers like (now Sir) Jack Brabham, Stan Jones, Lex Davison, and Bruce McLaren. So this period is rich with feats of driving skill and endurance, ingenuity, drama, humour and of course the ‘characters’ who made it all happen.
When completed, up to eighty hours of the videoed interviews will be archived for the use of present and future Western Australians, and a two DVD set condensed version will be made available to Public Libraries. Further copies will be offered to other similar organisations, the public, motoring clubs and historians.

Don Hall being interviewed by John Napier-Winch