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WA Front Engine Racing Car News

The Night Masters was the last competition event for 2008, time for everyone to pack up the trophies and head home to carry out the rebuilds and be ready for Phillip Is 2009. Some of us will have a little more work than others; myself well I have a timing gear to change. John Davies might be looking into the gearbox and brakes. I didn't see too many other problems in the pits during the day.

Trophy winners for the round were Charlie Mitchell for his outright win in the first race and two third places in the handicaps. Second overall was Don Edwards in one of the many red MG Bs (don't they come in any other colour?) and third was Adrian Scrivener in his first year in the championship, he managed to outsmart all of the regulars with a terrific win in the first handicap event, but not without a strong showing from Matt Hansen in the MGB V8, we suspect that Matt might have been foxing though - he managed to shave a second off his lap time in the first event, well done Matt, he managed a 1.00.2 second lap, fastest for the day in JKL and S. The second handicap was taken out by Don Edwards, leading all the way from the start hotly pursued by John Davies and the rest of the field all on the main straight at the end.

The TS Special with Charlie at the wheel went into the last round with an outright lead in the points and maintained that position to the end so expect another trophy in the mail this year Charlie. Charlie would have taken home the regularity trophy too! He circulated all day at 1.01. Second and third in the points will be interesting between John Davies, Geoff Herbert and Don Edwards, John went into the final round in second place but a DNF in race 1 might have damaged his chances of being the first group S home, A second place behind Don in the last handicap will help the points score and don't discount Geoff Herbert who was putting in consistent 1.01 times throughout the day. Best keep a look out for Matt Hansen though he was putting in some very good times. Adrian's times were on the improve too, down to 1.02 mark; It won't be long before he is down to Brian's times and faster.

Notable absentees were the Eastwoods, John Rowe, Alistair Campbell, Brian Griffin, Glen Capel and Ted Jordan, although we had Benham Bordbar to provide the Porsche 356 to chase around. A lovely little car to watch on the circuit, a pity about the window breakage. I trust you all had good reason for missing out on a great days racing at the Night Masters. It seems to becoming a habit that we run at the Night Masters.

We have three events on the calendar for next year at Barbagello and the possibility of two Collie race meetings with the WASCC and the VSCC both proposing racing events for JKL and S, so with Phillip Is (VHRR) Winton (Austin7 Club) Sandown and another major event at Caversham (VSCC of WA) in November a week before the V8s are due in Perth, we will have a full calendar of 8 racing events. Add the VSCC hill climbs/regularity events at Northam, Albany and the Stampede and we could be doing up to 12 events, so there is no complaining about a lack of events to attend.

Here are the proposed dates for 2009

Apr 4-5
19 April
30-31 May
30-31 May
Regularity Barbagello
Phillip Island Classic
Northam Flying 50
Clem Dwyer
5 Sept
Oct 12
Nov 7-8th
Nov 15-16
Regularity Barbagello
Collie Crown
Collie Festival
Caversham Revival
VSCC Stampede

With our next WA racing event scheduled for the 19th April 2009 those not heading east have plenty of time to be ready for next season, best start now. It looks like there will be another very strong contingent heading to Phillip Is and seven cars going to Winton next year to bring back more of the Victorian silver wear. If you want to go to Phillip Is or Winton best be getting ready because March comes around very soon after Xmas! Entry forms are out now so best be on the internet and get a copy!

For the regularity gang the Vintage Stampede was the last outing and a great turnout as well, 115 plus cars, The Budgie John Budgen cleaned up the championship for the WASCC and I wouldn't mind betting that he cleans up at the VSCC as well, Tony Brett was second and Brian Jarvis third.

Stampede results are on the web go too http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?30/11/2008.BARB

An interesting aside in the Stampede results was 'Young' Dick Turpin who managed a last place in the short circuit regularity by cutting 7 seconds off his nominated time. 1.16.00. Well done Dick, what were you thinking! The first event at Wanneroo Park way back in 1969 our Dick managed to circulate the long circuit faster than 1 min 16 sec.

Sharkey Dave Brady won his first event in the new Blown Flying Standard, by circulating at 1.14sec which is a more than respectful time and I did notice our youngest competitor Luke Whistler driving the Beaver Tale Buick was steadily creeping up the results page, in his first event he has gone from 18th place to 5th place, at that rate by event two of the next round he will be in first place.

Photos of the Stampede are on the web. Go to http://www.pbase.com/barnsie01 where you can see them all. Whilst you are on the web, if you want to see why I wasn't at the Stampede go to http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt97Jxw3tJo

Have a safe and happy Xmas and we will all see you in the New Year

Thomas A. Benson


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