Northam 27 March 2010

Covering Letter/Information (Click Here), Entry Forms (Click Here), and Supplementary Regulations (Click Here)
Welcome to 2010 with the Vintage Sports Car Club:-
Herewith are Supplementary Regulations and entry forms for the first two VSCC competitions of 2010 - The Jack's Hill hill-climb, and the Northam weekend. You will notice some important changes:-
The address to which you send your completed entry form has changed, the email address and phone number to which you make competition enquiries has changed, and there is no longer a fax address to which competition entries can be sent. This is because there is a new Entries Registrar - Mrs Lynn Oxwell has agreed to take on the task for all VSCC-organized competitions in 2010 (actually she did the last couple of competitions in 2009 as well). Lynn is not Brad - she does not have Brad's encylopaedic knowledge of Club Members and their various automobiles, so it becomes essential for entrants to fill in every detail on the entry forms, lest she, who's a good deal less sympathetic than Brad, rejects your entry. Brad will continue to be the MEMBERSHIP Registrar with the same addresses for Membership (and other non-competition) matters as before. It is also proposed to run progressive totals for our Club Competition Championships on our web-site - to make that task feasible we will also need the entry form data to be complete and accurate.
New entry address:                          New Entries Registrar:                     New entries email
VSCCWA Entries                              Mrs Lynn Oxwell                                  address:
P.O. Box 1097                                   ph: (08)9401 1449                               entries@vsccwa.com.au
HILLARYS W.A. 6923                     [before 8:00pm]
Healthway in its wisdom has offered to continue sponsorship of your Club events for the year 2010, albeit at a slightly reduced rate in line with WA Govt. budget requirements. They have re-jigged the message they want us to impart from “Smoke Free” to “Alcohol. Think Again” as the major theme, but of course we will still need to be aligned to all of Healthway objectives. The Northam events, for which permits and printing has already been done, will remain “Smoke Free”, but all other Healthway messages will be “Alcohol. Think Again” from now on. On the Northam entry form you will find a box seeking a donation to the Cancer Council of WA, which is part of a now-redundant “Smoke Free” promotion scheme. If you want to make a donation to the Cancer Council, feel free (it can be more than $5 if you want – a tax receipt can be organized).
Please take note of the Entry Closing Date – If you’re entering the Northam Round the Houses event, your entry must be in by that date (12th February) – if you’re not prepared to commit to the Hill-climb or Autokhana at that date, still put your RtHs entry in. You can put a separate entry to the Hill-climb/Autokhana in later (before 19th March), but it may cost you more. [extra entry forms on the web-site or ph/email Lynn] The earlier closing for RtH is to allow time to arrange a program, grid the entries, and advise the entrants. Incidentally, few cars qualified for the 2009 VSCC Hillclimb Championship because, at least in part, the Collie Hillclimb was cancelled – Don’t get caught with all your eggs in one basket in 2010 – Enter Jack’s Hill! Now!
Ross Oxwell
14 January 2010