3 Cheers for Jacks Hill Climb Officials

Hip Hip - Hooray...Hip Hip - Hooray...Hip Hip - Hooray!

Thanks all.  This is a little outside normal website news, but I am the man running it so I thought I would take this liberty.  Thankyou one and all.  Its was a difficult, hot day, BUT what a day it was.  I loved it and I am sure I speak for all drivers when I pass on my greatest thanks and respect.  Cheers from all of us.

Secondly, This was my first Jacks Hill Climb and I say "how can you pass it up".  It has to represent the best 'bang-for-your-buck' event.  I look forward to this event next year and I encourage all to come and experience this wonderful event (both short and long tracks).

Thankyou again.