VSCC of WA inc. Documents

Current and past issues of the club Journal - Vintage Metal

DECEMBER 2017 CMC Bulletin

VSCCWA  Constitution February 2018

VSCCWA Nomination Form

VSCCWA Accommodation Subsidies

VSCCWA Guidelines for photographers

VSCCWA Health Policy Document 

VSCCWA Standing Regulations 2019

WA Aust. Motor Race Championship Sporting Regulations

WA Historic Race regularity Standing Regulations

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CAMS Documents - Licence Applications / Log Books


Contact details and standard documents for the application of
VSCC Vehicle Log Books

For all vehicle categories, apply to the Coordinator:
Ivan Okey, ph: 0447 267 938 or yekornavi@yahoo.com.au

Vehicle log book application form
Certificate of Description Form -
Groups N & S
Certificate of Description Form - Excluding Groups N & S
The Eligibility Officers are:
Groups Contact Ph
J,K,L Max Gamble 9276 2903
M,O,P,Q,R,V Neil McCrudden 0407867473
N Steve Boyle 0419904734
S Tony Brett 0427004709
Clubman Vacant