It was great to see so many members attend the April General Meeting: ninety eight enjoyed a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, looking at the display of cars set up by the Lotus Group, swapping stories and catching up with friends. Paul, Fred, Mark and Ron served drinks and provided a magnificent supper.
It was also very encouraging to welcome so many new members and visitors. President John presided over a good-humoured and productive meeting. Guest speaker, Steve Waterman, talked about the “Lotus Group” and the cars on display. If you have a Lotus or are an aspiring Lotus owner contact Steve on 0428833347.
DAD’S ARMY. Captain Mannering and the team are continuing to make progress on developing the Club House and workshop facilities. Ten workers attended the busy bee on Tuesday the 13th of May installing bookcases in the library, shelving in the workshop and setting up a lathe drill-press and welder in the machine shop. A barbeque lunch cooked by Ian Fry finished a productive day.

Fred Rooke and Robin Fergusson- Stewart install a bookcase donated by Brent Cooper into the library

Ray Proud donated a lathe, drill-press and welder for the machine shop and a large air conditioner for the meeting hall. Peter Van Struyf and Mark Jones are setting up this equipment.


Dick Turpin and Bruce attach shelving donated by Nigel Makin to the workshop wall

DATES TO REMEMBER.  General Meeting. June the 9th  7.00pm.
                                                 Busy Bee. 10th June 9.00am to 3.00pm. (Ring Paul on 0428922823.)
                                                 Go to Whoa Regularity Sprint Caversham “D” Circuit Sept 7th.
Rob Ozanne.