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VSCC W.A. Members Vehicles - a virtual display

The information contained below will take you to external sites put together by VSCC WA members of their cars.
If you'd like to contribute, email a link to your personal site that contains the information on your vehicle. It will be reviewed & then added to this section.
Note: on selection of links a new web page will open on your screen.

Groups J,K & L

Tom Benson  - 1952 BMH 'Comic Book Special'

Graeme Cocks - Silver Wings

Group S
Terry Smith - 1974 Lotus Europa
Mike Rowe - Datsun 240Z plus other cars
Ken Lyons - 1974 Datsun 240Z

Group N

Groups M,O,P,Q & V

Andrew Gifford - 1967 GWG/Ford ANF2
Neil McCrudden  - West Australian Racing Museum Collection
Henry Oosterbaan - 1965 Alton AR2
Leo Wybrott - 1967 McLaren M4A - Leo isn't a VSCC member (yet!) but this is too good a car to leave out
Rob Jordan - Collection of Racing Cars
Barry Stokie - 1984 Spectre F-Vee

Non Competitive Cars

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